Week’s Target,

  • Tuesday : 
    • Fix remaining portions of palette.js. Event handlers and bug testing. (Done)
    • Fix the basic syntactical errors of block.js, and blocks.js and logo.js. (block and block 50% done)
    • Add the extrude feature in the other node. (Shifted to Monday)
  • Wednesday :
    • Start positioning fixes to block and blocks.js. Complete the basic bitmap setups and basic block functions. (30% complete)
    • Complete the fixing of rudimentary errors in logo.js.
  • Thursday :
    • Complete the fixing of blocks.js and block.js, add event and error handlers and remove remaining bugs.
    • Start work on logo.js basic functions.
  • Friday :
    • Continue work on logo.js and fix the basic erros in turtle.js.
    • Add chase camera in the other node.
  • Saturday :
    • Complete logo.js.
  • Sunday :
    • Start with completing the bug fixes in logo.js.
    • Complete the basic functions in turtle.js.
  • Monday :
    • Complete the turtle.js implementation.
    • Fix Bugs in weeks work.

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